Everything and anything about volleyball.

You know you’re a volleyball player when
  1. You’re not afraid to hit the floor.
  2. Knee pads are your best friends.
  3. Crappy refs ruin your game.
  4. Online shoe shopping means looking for new Mizunos.
  5. You want to do nothing but play volleyball.
  6. You start out with 20 hair ties in the beginning of the season and end up with 1 at the end of the season because your teammates “borrow” them.
  7. You’ve told people that you were on the volleyball team, and the first question they asked you was, “Are you a starter?”
  8. There’s always a bitch on the opposing team.
  9. You’ve dreamed of winning championships, AT LEAST ONCE.
  10. Your armpits never stank until you started playing volleyball.
  11. The hair on your knees grow a little after each practice when you take off your knee pads.
  12. You have to shave your legs at least once a week to look good in spandex.
  13. Your team is your second family.
  14. You wish there was more volleyball on television than all the other sports.
  15. You condition off season to get in shape for the next season.
  16. Your jersey is a V-neck.
  17. You know what Mizunos are.
  18. You have warmed up to, “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor, “I Want this Shit” by Drake, and once in a while, “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus pops up on the playlist.
  19. You have jammed your finger from setting.
  20. You secretly admire your own perfect passes sometimes.
  21. You have your Coach’s phone number saved in your cell phone.
  22. You would rather wear crew socks than ankle socks.
  23. You own a pair of Jordan or Adidas slippers.
  24. You always have a whistle in your duffel bag.
  25. You watch volleyball videos on Youtube when you’re bored.
  26. You have PreWrap in your school colors, and instead of using them for injuries, you use them as headbands.
  27. You get frustrated when you’re playing gym volleyball because everyone sucks.
  28. You jump to touch something, you use your approach.
  29. Floor burns show how dedicated you are.
  30. You’re never tired of waking up before the sun does to travel to a tournament.
  31. You’ve watched “All You’ve Got” and yelled at the TV claiming you can beat them.
  32. You’ve caught a guy staring at you in spandex.
  33. You can own your friends in wall sits
  34. You hate playing girls who wear Jordans, Air Forces, Blazers, and skateshoes.
  35. Slapping asses is normal.
  36. Your knees smell after a game.
  37. You hate posers in knee pads.
  38. You know height doesn’t matter, only your game does.
  39. You’ve done the Lincoln Logs drill.
  40. You have to do 10 push ups for every missed serve or hit.
  41. You know what a 4-2, a 6-2, and a 5-1 is.
  42. You’ve been asked why volleyball players wear spandex. And you don’t really know.
  43. You’ve perfected drawing a volleyball. And taught others how to draw it.
  44. When you know a thong is a necessity.
  45. You get angry when someone says volleyball isn’t a hard sport.
  46. Doing suicides can be fun.
  47. You’ve tried setting into a basketball hoop.
  48. Whenever you see a volleyball, you have to touch it.
  49. You judge the other teams by watching their warm ups.
  50. You either laugh or get really mad when you see other people trying to play volleyball.
  51. You know why ankle braces are a necessity.
  52. You know how to tape yourself.
  53. You own at least one shirt that has the word “volleyball” “hit” or a drawing of a volleyball on it.
  54. You wrinkle up all your clothes in your duffel bag, EXCEPT for your jersey.
  55. You spike a piece of trash into a trash can instead of shooting it.
  56. You’re tempted to spike a balloon when you see one.
  57. You refuse to be the first person in line for a drill, but demand to be the second person in line because “that’s just how it works.”
  58. You hit the volleyball against the house, and it drives people nuts.
  59. You touch the floor while waiting for the serve.
  60. You get irritated when you bring a volleyball to the park, and there’s no net.
  61. Circle play with beginners is no fun at all.
  62. You plan for next season when your season just ended.
  63. You play volleyball year round, whether school; club; church; camp; etc.
  64. When you know that a kill is the best feeling in the world.
  65. When you try to intimidate the other team during warm up.
  66. When you can put your hand up to a volleyball net and tell someone how close it is to the height it’s supposed to be.
  67. When you get really upset when someone kicks a volleyball.
  68. When you don’t dribble balls, you smack them with the palm of your hand.
  69. When you know what those “other” lines in the gym are for.
  70. When you know what a libero is/does.
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Logan Tom of USA

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Review: Molten Pro Touch vs. Tachikara Volleyballs

Molten Pro Touch


  • Good bounce for hitting
  • Official ball for USVA and NCAA
  • Good durability
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor playing
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Feels slicker and tighter
  • Colorful panels


  • Tough on forearms
  • Difficult to control for beginners



  • Soft touch
  • Easy on forearms
  • Easier to control for beginners
  • Defect Guarantee
  • Colorful Panels


  • Less bounce for hitting
  • Less durability

IMO- My personal choice is the Molten Pro Touch. It feels great when it makes contact with my palm, followed by the comforting sound of a smack you hear. It can be used to play in gyms, rec centers, as well as the beach, and a neighborhood park. Also, for a girl that likes to write her name on everything, the Molten provides a quick drying surface for my Sharpie. On the other hand, the Tachikaras take a slow time to dry, as well as spreading the ink in some occasions.

— 4 years ago